B Heroes- presenting the project to the press


B Heroes is the project promoted by Fabio Cannavale, president of last-minute foundation and CEO of last-minute.com group with the collaboration of Intesa Sanpaolo, dedicated to the italian startups.A project that began with the selection of 500 startups with the aim of choosing 12 ones to start a program of acceleration involving the best entrepreneurs and italian manager in a peer-to-peer dynamic.

The program will have a TV outcome either broadcasting the final stages.


Positioning the project in the public debate on education and qualification of the newest entrepreneurs as a business opportunity for the country.


A content development process and news seeding backgrounding the birth of the project from the very early stages to a week-defined vertical and generalist press involvement plan. The seeding preceeded the official launch hosted 100 days before the first launch in a press conference


We selected specialised newspapers in innovation and startups involving them in different ways and offering them the chance to anticipate the themes of the projects starting a relationship with the entrepreneurs involved.

We pointed and managed some exclusives announcing the beginning of the selection phase and the aim of the project. We created progressive buzz which enabled us to gather more than 40 newspapers of the main newspapers in occasion of the launch of the press conference.The activity produced more than 120 publications in the main national newspapers.