From 1995 to today, the entire CalendEidos collection.

At 10 years old we had an idea, it's our strength. We always had different calendars on every desk and we didn't like it! We imagined that the same thing happened in our clients' offices and so, in 1995, to celebrate our birthday, we started the Eidos calendar collection. The friendship with Marco Biassoni, one of the masters of Italian illustration, kicked it all off. Marco looked after the Eidos calendar with the force of irony and his graphic design for several years. Thanks to him, the instrument thats scans the ever-changing 365 days has become an icon in the industry. The common thread of our work has never been represented better than by him. Since then, every year, we have fun playing with the irony of words, emotions and lifestyles to bring them to the desk of someone who knows us and contributed to writing our history.  

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