eBay Ads – Green Generation 2.0

IMG_5450 Goals Opportunity to obtain visibility for the eBay Annunci brand, in line with the company mission. Strategy Create news that start from current events. Eidos In recent years the Green theme has played a central role in the national press. According to this trend, we have created an eBay ads dossier by analyzing the ads on the site and highlighting a phenomenon of our time: the Green Generation 2.0, people sensitive to the environment that, thanks to the web, choose to lead a 'green' life. We met, interviewed and photographed the eBay Annunci users: Elisa, who is furnishing her home only with recycled paper and cardboard furniture; Wilma, who turned a hobby into a profession and is able to give a second life to a wardrobe; Roberto, along with his agency, delivers in the city using only his bike and promotes his service on the internet; and Francesca, who is passionate about cooking, proposes recipes and online courses in km 0 in exchange for tips and advice on how to lead an "eco-sustainabile" life. The Dossier has captured the interest of the national media, with particular emphasis in Sette Green.