Eidos at Social Media Week to speak about food.

February 2013 Eidos - la forza delle idee, a journey into food that has lasted for more than 28 years, participated in the Social Media Week in Milan at the Social Media & Food meeting. We described how our relationship with food, chefs and cooking changes. Accompany companies in the change brought about by social media is the challenge that Eidos deals with its clients in the digital age. This is the theme of our testimonial at the event that opens the Social Media Week at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (Urban Center). After 28 years, in which the agency has seen the world of public relations change, the digital challenge has been fully collected, innovating skills and people, but keeping in mind the value of their experience. "Only five years ago companies timidly approached social media, as they considered Facebook a medium destined to disappear with little benefit for their businness. No one asked what people thought of their brand. Today, Facebook has become a must have, but still the correct approach is difficult to understand for some companies. Between technology and digital strategies, we try to make our experience available to our clients as a guarantee". The meeting, which will feature Eidos Digital Strategist Cristina Scateni, will discuss all aspects of food on digital platforms with different points of view: from the digital chef, the food critic, food blogger and the people who create the appropriate tools for the world of foodies. Eidos has the task of recounting the demands and fears of food companies that arrive on social media, the importance of paying attention to what is said in the brand's network and the evaluation of data quality, not just quantity. "Today we work hard to explain to clients that the first step for a good internet presence is listening. Listen to the network is an opportunity, not a threat. The public and the channels multiply, digital dominates and increases news and information. The users' conversation regarding the brand acquires more importance for the company generated content".