Eidos and MISIAD together to promote self-produced design.

13 March 2013 New success for Eidos – la forza delle idee that actively supports Misiad – Milano si autoproduce design through an integrated communication plan and local and digital initiatives to strengthen the reputation of the micro-business development project in the  design sector. Totem “For many years the agency believes in the independence and power of the expression of ones own ideas; therefore, it was natural to join Misiad - Milano si autoproduce design to build greater awareness and produce, during this first year, a communication and marketing plan that allows the organization to achieve its goals as soon as possible” says Cinzia Fiaccadori, head of Eidos – la forza delle idee. “We chose ‘Eidos - la forza delle idee’ because they are in line with the organization's strong development oriented philosophy and its consolidated experience in the Italy brand marketing vision, projected in the world today. The development and implementation of multimedia projects will be the focus of our collaboration and will be key in this time when we are witnessing an increasingly complex evolution in the world of communicationssays Laura Agnoletto, confounder and soul of Misiad – Milano si autoproduce design. This responsibility for Eidos, on the market for 28 years, represents an important opportunity because  design, along with food, are a hallmark of wisdom for which we are known and that we should export around the world.