Here is the new CalendEidos 2016!

The CalendEidos 2016 is dedicated to our beautiful city! We rediscovery Milan after Expo and we loved so much. Milan after Expo is also very beautiful! The CalendEidos 2016 is #WeloveMilano: the cutting Instagram, the social network that we love very much, with images to the heights of Milan by Francesca Giudice coupled to the shots of #lookeoftheday of Cinzia Fiaccadori. And , as usual ... an error to find. ; ) For 2016 our MESSAGE is: Milan: a city that always invents. As Eidos sheds its skin every time the world changes. We love Milan, with his feet on the floor and gaze upward. 11222575_10153239638566430_7022392255840858299_n