GS1 Italy | Indicod-Ecr – The barcode’s 40th anniversary

Schermata 04-2456386 alle 17.27.42 Goal 3 April 2013: turn the spotlight on the 40th anniversary of the bar code, the standard created by GS1 and shared among 2 million companies worldwide today. The event was celebrated simultaneously in 50 countries. Strategy We used information materials addressing various public audiences by creating interaction between traditional media and social networks. We told the story by communicating the specific technical/social aspects through photos with high emotional impact. We have set up a virtuous cycle by exclusively activating previews on weekly and daily newspapers. Eidos The International campaign was devoted to a tool that actually revolutionized the way companies do business. In coordination with international offices GS1, we managed the launch and received extensive coverage in the national media. With a preview on La Stampa and on Panorama and the use of Twitter in less than 48 hours, more than 70 editorials were dedicated to the anniversary. 7 national TV services, 8 radio news services and more than 60 newspaper articles, news agencies and online media and over 40 tweets discussed the famous code that utilizes bars and numbers!