Pasta Agnesi – Sponsor Fiera del Tartufo d’Alba

chefcrippaperagnesi Goal Optimize the visibility of the brand, the main sponsor of the 81st International White Truffle Fair in Alba. Strategy Integrate the communication of the brand as much as possible with the concept of the Fair. Present an unusual, but tasty, combination: dry semolina pasta and white truffle. Eidos We identified a communication concept capable of celebrating the collaboration of Agnesi pasta, the symbol of raw material refinement and the refined Alba white truffle. We designed and managed the brand visibility within the event through targeted participation activities. We worked with three great chefs (Enrico Crippa, Pier Bussetti, Masayuki Kondo) for the creation of original recipes designed to enhance the pairing of Agnesi pasta and Alba white truffle. We organized a contest with foodbloggers and awarded the best recipe during the event. We studied ADV campaigns to support the partnership and promote the event on the web.