Voiello – New positioning

Schermata 03-2456356 alle 16.39.22 Goals Voiello pasta brand awareness and new positioning. Strategy Credit Voiello as an irresistible pleasure and explore the relationship between the Italians and everyday pleasures in times of crisis. Eidos Eidos researches and develops a PR communications campaign for Voiello to reinforce the brand's premium positioning: pasta connoisseurs; create a stable relationship with users, intercepting the New Gourmet, attracting media coverage in the medium to long term. The course that Eidos created aims to associate Voiello to the world of pleasures, the pleasures of those in the know. "True Pleasure. Voiello Pleasure." is the claim of the entire campaign, aimed at media, key opinion leaders, consumers and trade. An articulated integrated communication plan: - A media survey, conducted by Eurisko, regarding essential pleasures for Italians. - The results of the research were presented in Milan at a media event, hosted by Ilaria D'Amico, with "experts in the world of pleasure" participation and chefs who interpret the enjoyment of pasta. - www.piacerevero.it, the virtual square where all the connoisseurs of pleasures from yesterday and today meet to vote for the pleasure they deem essential, suggesting new ones and sharing them with friends, having fun answering quizzes and playing games online, bringing recipes of pleasure to the table and experiencing the thrill of becoming a Chef of pleasure, publishing their own video recipes online. The PR communication campaign adds new opportunities to meet the target through: internet PR activities, 200 day in-store promotion, a contest to give away home dinners made ​​by a chef, and, in autumn, a Concept Store, dedicated to the true art of pleasure, where different forms of art interpret the true pleasure: plays, readings, art photos, live performances, street art and show cooking.