We do

Relationships, quality content and experience to our customers.

 A special thanks to Annelies Belemans for the patterns (http://a-pattern-a-day.tumblr.com/)
  Our watchword is Cross Media Marketing.  

Strategy & Creativity

Eidos is responsible for strategic marketing and communications consultancy, competitive scenario research and analysis, positioning, communication projects on and offline. Simplifies language by experts, studies the target and markets, chooses the right means of communication, gives forms and innovative content to communications.

Media Relation & Digital Pr

Eidos builds effective relationships with all offline and online media. Analyzes contents, opportunities and defines the target media. Integrates traditional Media Relation with Digital Pr. Eidos has strict and effective relationships with bloggers and influencers from various sectors, in particular food & beverage, and with them activates projects and collaborations to promote products, events and services.

Social Media Marketing

Eidos conceives and plans digital presence strategies on social media, blogs and networks. Defines contact and following strategies and builds the brand’s digital reputation. Puts together specific contents to implement editorial plans with an high return on engagement. Manages and monitors the virtual community, plans and executes campaigns for social ADV and contests, coordinates App development, listens and monitors the network day by day. Deals with measurement and reporting of ROI.


Eidos executes small and large events, local tours to generate excitement and turn them into relationships. Creative thinking, design and production to meet the media, internet influencers, companies’ internal public and stakeholders. Meetings designed to communicate values, information, suggestions and brand positioning.